Portrait photo I am Daxter. I am an enthusiastically optimistic, introspectively-ambivert & multi-disciplinary Portuguese Designer. I create experiences from great stories for all humans. I want to make the world a better and more creative place than I found it. I am currently in my third year of Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire.

    I am a Portuguese and British Scout. I have managed three university communities, including their social media. During and outside of my university projects, I have been teaching myself new skills such as how to use Graphite, Coal, Playing the Guitar, 3D Modelling, Motion Design, HTML and C++ coding, to name a few.

    Having always been interested in cutting-edge technology and challenging mediums, the possibilities they open for branding, for good people, for advertising, and the many ways of communicating an experience are virtually endless. I believe Brain-Computer Interface will set our next era as a human species.

    My main design interests are in Art Direction, Motion Design, Branding & Advertising.

    Have previously worked with:
    Brand Ethos, Droga5, Foodwave, ReLondon & Turner Duckworth.


    UH Creative Arts Dean's Awards Creative Arts Student of the Year 2021
    UH Vice-Chancellor's Awards Finalist for Student of the Year 2021
    University of Hertfordshire Gold Go Herts Award 2021
    Hertfordshire Student's Union Best Online Society Event of the Year 2021
    Portuguese Catholic Scouting (CNE) Wolf's Head 2015