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    •Nickname: Daxter
    •Nationality: Portuguese (Portugal)
    gitally and traditionally, Play VideoGames, watch series and/or anime or just Surf (On The Internet)
    •Team Fortress 2 Favourites: Medic and Engineer
    Brawlhalla Favourites: Ember, Teros, Bazarra, Cross, Caspian and Lucien
    •Resolution: 1920x1080


    •Steamdb: [URL=]My SteamDB[/URL]
    •SteamRep: [URL=]My SteamRep[/URL]
    •SteamLadder: [url=]My Steam Ladder Profile[/url]
    •SteamLibraryFilter: [url=]My Steam Library Filter[/url]
    •AStats: [url=]My AStats Profile[/url]
    • [url=]My Profile[/url]
    •TF2Outpost: [url=]My TF2Outpost Profile[/url]
    •Fur Affinity: [url=]My Fur Affinity Profile[/url]
    •DeviantArt: [url=]My DeviantArt Profile[/url]
    •Inkbunny: [url=]My Inkbunny Profile[/url]
    •Osu!: [url=]My Osu! Profile[/url]