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    As part of my university second-year project, Playroom is a mesmeric, provocative, preposterous, and off-colour alter ego of today’s television cable, created for the young adult generation to engage and hook up to.
    The brief consisted of a very simple request, to design a solution to stop the decline of young audience’s traditional television watchtime. Since the moment I received the brief I was eager to give my best and set the bar of my capabilities even higher.

    This project has very positively affected my professional life as an example of my design capabilities to the world, but also to myself.
    I looked at the problem with different eyes and searched for a solution hidden behind the reason they were interested in traditional television in the first place. My solution took into consideration today’s world, the young audience’s needs and what both can provide.

    Playroom Adshel version1

    While branding the media network I was able to learn, improve and showcase my capabilities in 3D, 2D, the combination of both, and various software such as After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro and Blender; each one with their sets of obstacles that I had to face and bypass in order to achieve my ideal design. I believe the playroom’s visual identity’s worth is expressed by the work that has been done backstage, that to the inattentive user very quickly deceives itself as a simple line.

    Playroom Adshel version2

    If I were to come back to this project, I would like to explore more of the capabilities and limits of the brand’s concept; this experiments could be from multiple instances of “the line”, 3D Animation, more dynamic cycles that reinforce the idea of interactivity without resorting to new technologies, short advertisements that change depending where and when you are watching, etc. Playroom has much more room to be played with. Overall, this project has been incredibly rewarding and through my research, skills, and design thinking, I believe the media network’s brand is prepared to face the market with its audience in mind.


    Playroom Adshel version3