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    Freshers' Fair

    It's a motion graphics promotional video created for the University of Hertfordshire's School of Creative Arts Society, which I run as its head, incentivizing new members to join it and/or follow it.

    The video was hosted on a website, specifically created to host all existing society's videos representing what they were about and how to reach them, as a substitute to the annual physical fresher's fair that was cancelled for safety reasons in regard to covid-19.
    The School of Creative Arts Society is a society run by Creative Art students for Creative Arts students. SOCAS believes that every Creative Art student should have a friendly, expressive and budding platform where they are able to build a network of connections, from fellow students to professionals. We expand our interests and ideas in different fields of art, have the opportunity to visit exhibitions and meet various artists, and learn and work together in projects directed by inspiration and ambition.